Enjoy A Better Life

Through Spiritual Transformation

Dr. Matt Hook has two goals: to get to heaven and take as many people with him as possible; and to provide as many people with as many ministry opportunities as possible. Matt has served churches in Chicago, Memphis, and Michigan. Matt majored in Music/Business at DePauw University, received his MDiv at Garret Evangelical, and his DMin at Asbury. He has been a regular worship leader for World Methodist Evangelism. Matt and his wife Leigh have 4 children.

Their family regularly hosts children from third world countries who come to the United States for major surgeries. Right now, they have Felix from Guatemala. Matt enjoys music, exercise, laughter, and especially people.

Matt feels obligated to tell you that he doesn’t really know how to be a senior pastor, so most of the time he does youth ministry for grown-ups. Learn more about Matt and his church here: Dexter United Methodist Church.

Martin Fletcher, Psy.D, L.P. Dr. Martin Fletcher is the Shrink of The Shepherd and the Shrink Podcast. He is in private practice at Renew Hope Counseling where he also supervises a team of talented clinicians.

Dr. Fletcher holds advanced degrees in clinical psychology and education.  His treatment approach involves quickly reducing symptoms while helping patients design and maintain health promoting lifestyles.  Dr. Fletcher is a husband to Kathy and dad to 3 sons and one daughter.  His interests include fitness, guitar, motorcycles, mountain biking, and exploring the role of spirituality in health.

Dr. Fletcher is fully licensed in the State of Michigan.